Women’s Golf Associaton

General Information


All competitive golf events depend on the USGA handicap system to assure that each player has a fair chance. For the system to work, your handicap must be current and accurate. This means that you must record your adjusted score after every 18-hole round. Tuesday tournament events will be entered by the Handicap Chairman.


Regular luncheon and business meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month after morning play. Reservation sheets for the luncheons are posted. Please sign up.


A person must be a member of Lady’s Island C.C. and have an established handicap of 40 (index 35.8) or less-in order to join the Women’s Golf Association. Dues are paid by July 1 of each year. As a member of the Association you are eligible to belong to the following groups and take part in their activities:
Women’s South Carolina Golf Association
Membership in WSCGA is included in our dues.
Women’s Carolinas Golf Association
Women’s Golf Association of Beaufort County
Must have an index of 20.1 or less to apply
Notices of schedule events of these groups are posted on the Locker Room bulletin board,

Ringers and Birdies

There are three Ringer Tournaments of four months each during the year. Birdies and Ringers are recorded only for Tuesday tournaments. Ringer winners are awarded every four months. Birdies are awarded every month.


Sign-up sheets are in the Ladies Locker Room and remain there until Sunday. For most events an entrance fee of $2 is given to Pro Shop and $1 to tournament chair prior to play. For tournament play a maximum of 40 handicap is allowed.


If you must cancel, do it as soon as possible. If the sign-up sheet has been picked up, call the Quarterly Tournament Chairman right away. On the day of play, call the Pro Shop. Unless the tournament is cancelled for bad weather or other reasons, you are expected to be there and on your starting hole at the time stated. Rain dates are provided for major tournaments. Be advised that no prizes are awarded in any event where fewer than eight players enter the tournament.

Slow Play

No one thinks she is a slow player, but, perhaps, those behind are faster. If others are obviously waiting, please speed up play or let them through if your team has gotten into trouble or if there is an open hole ahead. Twosomes going off in the midst of a field of foursomes have to take their chances.


While playing on the Pines course, if a hole-in-one is made by a WGA member, she is entitled to a $50.00 check from the treasury. This must be witnessed by one other person and 18 holes of golf must be played. If too much money is paid out during the course of the year, the WGA may request additional monies from members.


All white property stakes and white homeowner boundary markers should be considered out-of-bounds.